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Multi-Output Power Supplies for TV TFT LCD Panels


The EUP2683 generates all the four supply rails for thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT LCD) TV panels operating from a regulated 12V input. They include a step-down and a step-up regulator, a positive and a negative charge pump.

The step-up and step-down switching regulators feature internal power MOSFETs and high-frequency operation allowing the use of small inductors and capacitors, resulting in a compact solution. The step-up regulator provides TFT source driver supply voltage, while the step-down regulator provides the system with logic supply voltage. Both regulators use fixed-frequency current-mode control architectures, providing fast load-transient response and easy compensation. The positive and negative charge-pump regulators provide TFT gate-driver supply voltages. Both output voltages can be adjusted with external resistive voltage-dividers. Both switching regulators and both charge pumps operate from a central clock that can be set to either 750 kHz or 500 kHz by tying the FREQ pin high or low.

The EUP2683 features adjustable power-up sequencing, step-up regulator over voltage protection, step-down regulator short-circuit protection, and over temperature protection to ensure in safe operating. The device also incorporates a gate drive signal to control an external MOSFET isolation switch connected in series with VS or VGH.


  • ‧8V to 14.7V In Input Voltage Range
  • ‧able Frequency (500kHz/750kHz)
  • ‧Current-Mode Step-Up Regulator
  • - Built-In 20V, 3.7A, 100mΩ MOSFET
  • ‧Current-Mode Step-Down Regulator
  • - Built-In 20V, 2.3A, 175mΩ MOSFET
  • ‧100mA Charge Pump Output Current
  • ‧Negative Charge Pump Driver for VGL
  • ‧Positive Charge Pump Driver for VGH
  • ‧Adjustable Sequencing for VGL and VGH
  • ‧Gate Drive Signal to Drive External MOSFET
  • ‧Internal and Adjustable Soft Start
  • ‧Short-Circuit Protection
  • ‧Over voltage Protection
  • ‧Thermal Shutdown
  • ‧Available in TSSOP-28 (EP) Package
  • ‧RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free
  • Halogen-Free


  • ‧TFT LCD Displays for Monitor and LCD TV
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