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3A, 28V, 1MHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter


The EUP3475 is a 1MHz fixed frequency synchronous current mode buck regulator. The device integrates both 135mΩ high-side switch and 90mΩ low-side switch that provide 3A of continuous load current over a wide operating input voltage of 4.5V to 28V.The internal synchronous power switch increases efficiency and eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode. Current mode control provides fast transient response and cycle-by-cycle current limit.

The EUP3475 features short circuit and thermal protection circuits to increase system reliability. Externally programmable soft-start allows for proper power on sequencing with respect to other power supplies and avoids input inrush current during startup. In shutdown mode, the supply current drops below 1µA. The EUP3475 is available in SOP-8 package with the exposed pad.


  • • 3A Continuous Output Current
  • • 110ns Minimum On Time
  • • Integrated 135mΩ High Side Switch
  • • Integrated 90mΩ Low Side Switch
  • • Wide 4.5V to 28V Operating Input Range
  • • Output Adjustable from 0.8V to 24V
  • • Up to 95% Efficiency
  • • Programmable Soft-Start
  • • <1µA Shutdown Current
  • • 1MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
  • • Thermal Shutdown and Over Current Protection
  • • Input Under Voltage Lockout
  • • Available in SOP-8 (EP) package
  • • RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead(Pb)-Free Halogen-Free


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