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Dual 1.5A Line Switch with Low On-Resistance


The EUP3506 contains two independent low dropout line switches with ON/OFF control, output current soft-start and output current protection.

By connecting the EUP3506 to the output pins of two step-down DC/DC converters, the EN1/EN2 pins control ON/OFF for each distribution switch to deliver power per requirements and maximize total power efficiency. As a result, the EUP3506 helps to same system power and extend battery life.

When a low signal is inputted to the EN pin, each switch enters shutdown mode. Even a load capacitor is connected to the output pin during shutdown, the electric charge stored at the load capacitor is discharged through the internal switch. As a result, the VOUT pin voltage falls quickly to the GND level. Externally programmable soft-start allows proper power on sequencing with respect to other power supplies and avoids input inrush current during startup.

Other features include current limit protection and thermal shutdown protection.


  • ‧Dual 100mΩ P-channel MOSFET
  • ‧2.5V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
  • ‧Low Shutdown Current:<1μA
  • ‧ON/OFF Control on Each Channel
  • ‧High Speed Auto Discharge
  • ‧Output Current Soft-start
  • ‧Output Current Limit on Each Channel
  • ‧Thermal Shutdown
  • ‧Available in 3mm×3mm TDFN-10 Package
  • ‧RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Fb)-Free
  • Halogen-Free


  • ‧Portable Equipment
  • ‧Laptop, Palmtops, Notebook Computers
  • ‧LCD Monitor TV
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