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Triple Outputs Switching Regulator for AMOLED Display


The EUP2656 is designed to drive AMOLED displays requiring VELVDD, VELVSS and VAVDD. It integrates two high performance boost converters for VELVDD and VAVDD, an inverting buck-boost converter for VELVSS. A Single Wire interface on the CTRL pin is integrated to adjust the VELVSS and VAVDD voltage in digital steps. Also the CTRL pin can turn the VELVSS and VAVDD voltage on or off. The EN_VO3 pin turns a boost converter for VAVDD on or off.

Fault protection includes cycle-by-cycle current limit, short circuit protection and thermal shutdown. Internal soft-start minimizes the inrush supply current and the output overshoot at initial startup.

The EUP2656 is available in 3mm×3mm 16 pin QFN package.


  • • 2.9V to 4.5V Input Voltage Range
  • • Excellent Line and Load Regulation
  • • 1.45MHz Switching Frequency
  • • High Accuracy Fixed 4.6V VELVDD Output Voltage
  • • Programmable VAVDD = 5.8V to 7.9V (Default 7.6V)
  • • Programmable VELVSS = -5.4V to -1.4V (Default -4.0V)
  • • 300mA Maximum Output Current for VELVDD and VELVSS
  • • 55mA Maximum Output Current for VAVDD
  • • Short Circuit Protection
  • • Thermal Shutdown
  • • Available in 3mm×3mm 16 pin QFN Package
  • • RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead(Pb)-Free Halogen-Free


  • • Active Matrix OLED
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