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3-VRMS Audio Line Driver With Adjustable Gain


The EUA6632 is a 3-Vrms audio line driver with adjustable gain. The EUA6632 is capable of driving 2 Vrms a 10kΩ load with 3.3-V supply voltage. The device has differential inputs and uses external gain-setting resistors to support a gain range of ±1V/V to ±10V/V, and gain can be configured individually for each channel. The EUA6632 has built-in active-mute control for pop-free audio on/off control. The EUA6632 has an external under voltage detector that mutes the output when the power supply is removed, ensuring a pop free shutdown. Using the EUA6632 in audio products can reduce component count considerably compared to traditional methods of generating a 3-vrms output. The EUA6632 does not require a power supply greater than 3.3V to generate its 5.6-Vpp output, nor does it require a split-rail power supply. The EUA6632 integrates its own charge pump to generate a negative supply rail that provides a clean, pop-free ground-biased 3-Vrms output. The EUA6632 is available in a 14-pin TSSOP.


  • • Supply Voltage 3V to 5V
  • • 2Vrms 10kΩ With 3.3V Supply
  • • Low THD+N<0.01% at 2Vrms 10kΩ
  • • High SNR>90dB
  • • 16Ω Output Load Compliant
  • • Differential Input and Single-Ended Output
  • • Adjustable Gain by External Gain-Setting Resistors
  • • Ground-Referenced Outputs Eliminate DC Blocking Capacitors
  • - Reduce Board Area
  • - Reduce Component Cost
  • - Improve THD+N performance
  • - No Degradation of Low Frequency Response Due to Output Capacitors
  • • Short-Circuit Protection
  • • Click and Pop-Reduction Circuitry
  • • External Under voltage Mute
  • • Active Mute Control for Pop-free Audio On/Off Control
  • • RoHS compliant and 100% lead(Pb)-free Halogen-Free


  • • Set-Top Boxes
  • • Blue-ray Disc、DVD Players
  • • LCD and PDP TV
  • • Mini/Micro Combo Systems
  • • Sound Cards
  • • Laptops
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